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The Ferndale Museum


In our gift shop and bookstore, the museum offers guests an opportunity to purchase local history books, postcards, reproductions of the work of local artists, Ferndale memorabilia and collectibles.

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Denis P. Edeline: The Museum is delighted to be the primary source for three thorough, carefully researched local history books by fifth-generation Humboldt County writer, Denis Edeline. Written between 1978 and 1987, the books tell, in contemporaneous detail, the history of the land and people of Ferndale and the surrounding valley.

Ferndale The Village 1875-1893

Ferndale The Village 1875-1893

An in-depth record of the village of Ferndale covers the period from 1875 to incorporation of the city in 1893.  The pages depict history of the businesses, organizations, activities, and growth of the village. Formerly $19.95; price reduced to $10!

Along the Banks of Salt River

Along the Banks of Salt River

167 pages recount the history of the land surrounding the Salt River: Port Kenyon, Arlynda, Camp Weeott, and the Island.  $22.95

At the Banks of the Eel

At the Banks of the Eel

Over 170 pages of stories, photos and historical accounts of the early days of Grizzly Bluff, Waddington, Price Creek and Howe Creek.  $22.95

Ferndale History photo collection

Images of America: Ferndale

Drawing on the extensive photographic collection of the Museum, Ferndale traces the history of the valley from the first home to modern events. Published by Arcadia in 2004. $21.99

"The Story of the Fort Baker Ranch"

The Story of the Fort Baker Ranch

During WWII the author, Ronald Harville, who was an heir to, and thus co-owner of the Fort Baker Ranch, became curious how his grandfather, Joseph Russ, had put together a ranch of a size that totaled a township of deeded land. Years of research lead to this fascinating tale of Humboldt history with photos and illustrations by Viola Russ Mc Bride. 75 pages $16.95

Victorian Homes of Ferndale, A Pictorial Guide and History

Victorian Homes of Ferndale, A Pictorial Guide and History

Written and compiled by Marilyn Genzoli, with photography by Don Meacham and Ted Walters, this view of the Victorian homes includes known history, family lore, and beautifully photographed exteriors and interiors of several of Ferndale’s oldest and most prominent homes.  $4.95

Earthquake Chronicles of the Lost Coast

Earthquake Chronicles of the Lost Coast

Author Irene Wallace relates “earth-shaking” stories from “out in the hills” where the triple-junction of tectonic plates produces one the most seismically active regions in the world. The book specifically focuses on the events before, during, and after the three massive quakes in April 1992.  $14.95

Where the Ferns Grew Tall

Where the Ferns Grew Tall

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs, this 322-page book is filled with solid research and dozens of interviews with pioneers. The students of Ferndale High School, class of 1977, wrote (and illustrated) this book when they were juniors in Beverly Carlson’s U.S. history class. Now in its second edition, it remains the definitive history of the Ferndale valley. Formerly $25.99 plus s/h; price reduced to $15!

(Also available is The Making of Where the Ferns Grew Tall, an original museum documentary, $15 plus s/h.)


buttonI'm A Gonna Tell Ya A Yarn...

I'm A Gonna Tell Ya A Yarn...

George M. Richmond, who was Seth Kinman's neighbor in the 1880s as a child, gathered these stories of the adventurous life of the famous showman.  Richmond presents these stories in Kinman’s narrative style. The 125-page book was compiled by R. H. “Rob” Roberts from the Andrew Genzoli Collection at the Humboldt State University Library.  An exclusive to the Ferndale Museum. $14.95

Seth Kinman Manuscript and Scrapbook

Seth Kinman Manuscript and Scrapbook

The first published edition of the complete manuscripts and scrapbook of Seth Kinman with added newspaper clippings and a chronology of Seth’s life. $19.95

Ranch Doings

Ranch Doings

Viola Russ McBride recalls stories of ranching from the roaring twenties. A compilation of "Drives & Ranch Doings," "How Ranches Got Their Names," "To California's North Coast With Love" and "Fern Cottage Recipes." 180 pages. $18.95

McBride Brats

McBride Brats

Reprint of the McBride Brats books 1, 2, 3, and Grandmother's Star Patterned Quilt (which is mentioned in MB1), maintaining the original calligraphy and drawings by Ferndale artist Viola Russ McBride. $12.95

Shaw’s Record Book of the Farm

Shaw’s Record Book of the Farm

A photocopy of the original record book kept by the Shaw brothers starting March 1, 1852, when they decided to come to Humboldt County to settle. Also includes a transcription and a chronology of both Seth and Stephen Shaw. $9.95

"Two Peoples, One Place"

Two Peoples, One Place

By Ray Raphael and Freeman House, Two Peoples, One Place innaugurates a multi-volume Humboldt History series sponsored by the Humboldt Historical Society. Before the influx of Euro-Americans in 1850, more than 60 distinct groups of Native people lived within the region we now call Humboldt. Two Peoples, One Place chronicles the interactions between two very different traditions and their particular ways of relating to the single place they both wanted to inhabit. 352 pages $19.95

A Scrapbook of World War II Clippings

A Scrapbook of World War II Clippings

460 pages of copies of clippings from The Ferndale Enterprise covering 1940 to 1946. $29.95

book--Richard Johnston Narrative

Richard Johnston Narrative

Richard Johnston was born in Ireland in 1823 and immigrated to California in 1849 to join the gold rush.  He eventually settled in Bear River, where he ranched until the turn of the century. In 1882, he wrote a narrative of his life; this is his story. 250 pp., includes photographs, diaries, and family tree. $18 plus s/h.


Place Names of Humboldt County

Place Names of Humboldt County, California, A Compendium: 1542-2009

Dennis Turner has revised his 1993 compilation of the origins, evolutions, and definitions of 3,200 place names in Humboldt County.  This expanded second edition also includes over 200 photographs, many by his wife and co-author, Gloria. $50

A Gathering of the Past, Part 1

A Gathering of the Past

A collection of stories, recalled and compiled by Richard Philipsen, relating accounts of the Danish immigrant Svendsen and Christiansen families settiling in the Eel River Valley, the story of Peter Philipsen, founder of the Humboldt Creamery, A journal relating the life of 97 years of Myrtle Philipsen, and old photos of Loleta, Fernbridge, and Ferndale. $18

Looking Back 90 Years

Looking Back at 90 Years...

Lynford "Bud" Scott looks back at his family's life in Humboldt over the past 100 years. Filled with stories and wonderful photographs, the book is a must for anyone interested in Humboldt history. 167 pages $29

More Titles Available:

History of Humboldt County Schools, Volume III History of the schools in the Ferndale area.  $18

From Plowshare to the Palace: A Frontier Family in Ferndale The lives of the pioneer Canepa family.  $20

Franz and the Bear River Horse or A Swiss Boy Comes to Humboldt. Historical novel by William B. Crane. $16.50

Christmas Celebration in Song CD of traditional, contemporary, and spiritual carols from 2004 concert by the Ferndale Community Choir.  $17


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